Eggs Poached







salt and pepper

plastic plate

egg poacher






1 Open up the egg poacher onto a plastic plate. Oil the inside of the egg poacher. Plastic plates donít get as hot in the microwave.



2 Crack an egg on a hard dish edge to make a break in the shell.



3 Hold the break up until you get the egg over the egg poacher.



4 Use both thumbs to pry the egg shell apart.



5 Puncture the yolk of the egg with a fork.



6 Put a spoonful of water in with the egg.



7 Put the poacher lid on and secure it closed by sliding the knob.



8 Open the microwave door before you lift up the plate. Stabilize the poacher handle or it will tip raw egg out. One egg cook for 1 minute and 10 seconds. Two eggs cook for 1 minute and 25 seconds.



9 Serve onto Toast.



10 Put salt and pepper on top.